We are total nerds when it comes to quality and data sets. Every week, our Production, Taproom and Sales teams gather for a check-in. It’s a chance to get away from email, meet face to face and ensure that each arm of the brewery is on the same page. Communication is streamlined and a stronger culture of quality and service is built amongst our team.

Our lab, while currently small is a complete necessity. The tests, processes and protocols that we follow are not 100% necessary to brew quality beer, heck, we used to brew quality beer out of a two-car garage before we opened the brewery, but they are required to maintain quality as we scale up and grow.

Our brewery is quickly growing, so the only way that we can be 100% certain that our beer lives up to our (and your) standards is through a real investment in technology, sensory, and quality.

We are all human, and mistakes are made. If you encounter a problem with a Switchyard product, please email quality@switchyardbrewing.com and our team will help you get to the bottom of the issue and make it right.

You are an extension of our team and a part of our sensory panel. Your feedback is so greatly appreciated!