Event FAQ

We do allow our event clients to bring cakes or cupcakes for certain events. If you are planning on bringing your own cake, we do require that you let us know so we can provide you with extra plates, serving utensils, and a cake table.

We do accept purchase orders and are familiar with this form of payment! If you are using a purchase order, please let us know ASAP so we can start on the process, as it does take longer to process than card payments.

Switchyard offers beer, cider, seltzers, wine, wine slushies, alcohol-free beer, gluten-free beer, soft drinks, tea, water, and juice as beverage options.

Switchyard is a brewery and only sells items listed above. We do not have the commercial license to sell hard liquor. We have a strict policy against hard liquor at our establishment, and liquor brought into the taproom is illegal and strictly prohibited.

We know it’s hard for nonprofit groups to find space for events. A key aspect of our Guiding Principles is to help nonprofit groups host their events at Switchyard in an economical way because they get up every day and work tirelessly to change the world for the better! After all, #BeerIsCommunity!

Let us know what non-profit you are with and what you are trying to accomplish with your event, and we will do what we can to help make it happen. We can also help out with off-site bartending at your events!

If you are looking for a donation of product for your event or something for a charity auction, please use our Donation Request Form instead.

Absolutely! Our Taproom is all-ages. Switchyard team members are parents too, so we are happy to have a place where kids and adults can have a good time together, with some guidelines:

  • Attendees under 21 will be required to wear an under-21 wristband for the event so that our bartenders can uphold Indiana excise protocols.
  • For our per-guest charge, those under 21 are not counted.
  • Please remember, we are not a kids’ party facility and we want to keep the place under control for families, as well as child-free guests visiting the brewery, so it is really important that you still monitor your little pints. We are a manufacturing facility, so there are places where people really shouldn’t be for safety. If you have several toddlers running about, it can make for a more relaxing party for kids and adults if you have a babysitter on hand to help mind everyone and keep the kids engaged. We will give a warning, but if you can’t keep your littlest guests safe and in your area, we will have to ask you to leave.
  • We love having families and parties, we just want to help make it successful for all of us.

We will always encourage guests to bring in their own decorations to make their event more personal and individualized! Everything is fine EXCEPT glitter, confetti, and affixing decor to any of our painted surfaces. Please inquire for more details or to ask about specific decorations.

For most events, we can provide 30 minutes of setup time before your tab starts if necessary. For larger events, we will chat about setup, just let us know in advance.

Sure, we can do that too! We will provide you with wristbands, so that it is easy for the bar staff to attribute your guest’s purchases to your special event minimum. We will still require you to put up the deposit for the event, but you will likely get a refund depending on your purchases. If staff are not notified about guests’ purchases we are not able to track them properly and their sales will not count towards your event minimum, so please explain this to your guests.

You can even do something in between: e.g. give everyone a drink ticket to put their first beer on your tab, and then they are on their own dime. It is up to you! We have drink tickets on hand if you would like to do this.

Yes! We have several gluten-free options such as cider, a great wine list, THC D-8 hard seltzers, and our own real-fruit hard seltzers. The kitchen can also work with you to bring special options to your catered menu such as corn tortillas and other GF items — please reach out to the kitchen directly at estaciondsabor@gmail.com with your event information to learn more!

Unfortunately, no. We cannot allow you to bring in outside alcoholic beverages to Switchyard. This isn’t about us wanting your money for that drink, our liquor license simply does not allow it. Indiana laws make it so that no one is allowed to serve themselves alcohol inside our brewery, and we are only licensed to sell our beer, wine, and cider. The Indiana Excise Police / Indiana Alcohol Commission can revoke our license if we allow you to bring in outside beverages, so we will be very vigilant about this. If your event guests violate this policy, we will charge a fee of $500 to your card on file.

To reserve tables for your event, we simply require a minimum purchase of $7 per person per hour. For example, a party of 40 people for 2 hours would require a minimum purchase of $7 x 40 x 2 = $560. This includes all the beer that your guests will drink and assurance that you will have a comfortable space for such a large group. Our prices include tax already and there are no additional service fees, gratuities or tips because all of our staff are paid a living wage that they can depend on. It’s 100% optional to tip here at Switchyard.

No problem, just take a guess and let us know. We request the final count a week prior to the event. We will provide guests with wristbands so there is appropriate tracking of the number of guests and the beers that are counted towards your minimum purchase. You can always ask for more wristbands and we can adjust your final bill appropriately. Guests under 21 years old are not subject to your guest count.

If you book an event at Switchyard and would like catering, we do require you to use our kitchen. From pizzas to wings to large salads, warm dips, breadsticks, and more, our kitchen has a full catering menu that is simple, affordable, and straightforward.

For more information about our catering services, please ask your event manager for a copy of our catering menu.

Birthday cakes, cupcakes, etc are always welcome with no “slicing fee” as are items for morning meetings and events such as pastries, bagels, etc.



If you choose to book with us, we will send you a contract to sign and request 20% of the cost of your event up front to hold the date. If your event is within 30 days, we request a 50% deposit to hold the date. (If you previously put down a 20% deposit, we will request the additional 30% when you are in the 30-day window.) We will request the final payment, on the first business day after your event.

All deposits are non-refundable, but 100% transferable to any other event, as long as the event is canceled 7 days prior.

For IU Events using a PO: Your Event BEO will not show a deposit, the full payment for your event will be sent through the purchasing department on your PO.