Cold IPA

  • Draft & Cans
  • ABV: 6.7%
  • HOPS: Meridian & Sultana
  • STYLE: American IPA


Fermented with a lager yeast at ale temperatures, this IPA keeps the malt and body light to let the hops shine. Sultana and Meridian hops bring citrusy and floral flavors to this crisp, easy drinking IPA

This newer style of IPA comes with some controversy…mostly in the beer nerd circles. More than likely it’s just guilty of having a bad name, which is a common theme with beer styles. This IPA is created by using a yeast traditionally used for lagers (the same we use for Oktoberfest) but instead of fermenting it at 52 degrees like we do for Oktoberfest, we fermented this one closer to room temperature like most of our other beers. Not all lager yeasts can do this but we were lucky that our normal Oktoberfest yeast was up to the challenge. By fermenting it at room temperature instead of traditional lager temps, the yeast doesn’t throw off nearly as much sulfur and other compounds that would flavor the beer. Normally these age out during the lagering process, which is why Oktoberfest sits cold for 3-5 weeks. Enjoy!



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