Switchyard Secret Shopper Report: Taproom Visit

Thank you for taking the time to help us continually improve our service! Please complete the following form within 24 hours after your assigned shop. Please do not complete the form while in the taproom. Once you’ve submitted the form, e-Mail a photo of your receipt to kurtis@switchyardbrewing.com - You will be reimbursed for a flight of beer & Switchyard Crowler of your choice.

If you need to add additional notes or comments, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to do so in the final comments box below.

For this Taproom Visit shop, please choose from one of the following scenarios:

  • You are in Bloomington for the morning/afternoon/evening for work and wanted to stop into the brewery to buy a Crowler for your significant other

  • You are visiting Bloomington for the weekend and heard about Switchyard, this is your first time in the taproom

  • You are throwing a party and want to serve Switchyard beer

  • You are having a beer pairing dinner with friends and want to choose a Crowler to take home

  • You are going to a BBQ at a friends and everyone is supposed to bring a local beer to share

  • You work downtown, but have yet to check out the taproom — you are looking for a good place to get out of the office and get work done during the day

  • You work nightshift and sometimes like to grab a beer when you get off work (this is a good scenario for a morning/afternoon shop)

  • You are looking for space to host a bridal shower/bachelor party/corporate event/birthday party/anniversary party

Basic Info
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Shop End Time
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How busy was the taproom during your onsite shop?
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(Beer lists are supposed to be on the bar top, ready for customers to look at)
INTERIOR: Retail Area
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Staff are permited to wear items over logo wear - but the Switchyard logo must be visible
Overall Experience
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0 - Not at all satisfied 10 - Very satisfied