Switchyard Secret Shopper Report: Phone Call


Thank you for taking the time to help us continually improve our service! Please complete the following form within 24 hours after your assigned shop. Please do not complete the form while in the taproom. Once you’ve submitted the form, e-Mail a photo of your receipt to kurtis@switchyardbrewing.com - You will be reimbursed for a flight of beer & Switchyard Crowler of your choice.

For your Phone Call Shop, please choose from one of the following scenarios:

  • You are visiting Bloomington for the day (or weekend) and just have a few questions about the brewery

  • You are new to Bloomington and are in charge of hosting your boyfriend’s 30th birthday party and have some questions

  • You are looking for an space in Bloomington for a daytime company retreat

  • You are looking to buy a keg for your brother’s bachelor party

  • You are looking for a venue to host a bridal shower

  • You are traveling to Bloomington for work and want to stop into the brewery

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You may choose any four of the options below - If you did not ask a specific question listed, please put N/A What time are you open til'? Do you allow children? Do you serve food? Do you have any events going on tonight / this weekend? Do you sell beer to go? Do you sell kegs to go? Could you seat a party of 16? Who do I contact to book a special event?