In 1873,  a little over 4,000 breweries were operating in the United States. In the years after the 18th amendment, also known as the Volstead Act went into effect, the number of active breweries dropped to a staggering 331. Recently, over the last several years, craft brewing has been the largest growing beer segment in the United States. Today, the Brewers Association reports that over 2,822 breweries are producing not only beer, but over 360,000 jobs in communities like ours.

Craft brewing is innovative, independent, curiosity, collaboration, character and family. It is built on the American Dream.  Craft brewing has integrity, tradition, and a style all its own. Craft breweries make their communities a better place. 

From serving at the peak of harvest, to supporting our local farms, everything that we put into our products, we chose specifically to enhance the flavor.

Passionate about our craft, we work by our Guiding Principles and a core purpose to redefine the brewery experience and enhance the Bloomington community.

At Switchyard, we are passionate about quality beer, great and sustainable food, and making memories with good friends in a family friendly atmosphere.

We will always honor and hold true to our craft.