As first responders, we know that a pint of blood can save lives.Only about 3% of the U.S Population donates blood, yet every two seconds, someone needs it. Right now, there is an urgent need for all types of blood. 

Get a free Switchyard Brewing Company beer voucher when you come to donate at any American Red Cross of Indiana location now through August 6. You must be 21+ to receive the gift card, but anyone 17 and older can donate blood. (17 with parental consent)

First:  Fill out the form below prior to donating so we can send out your voucher!

Second: Go donate!

Third: Post a selfie from your donation trip to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #ShareOurCraft and #PintForPints

Make sure to make the post public to help spread the word!

Find your closest blood drive or donation center by clicking here:

Thank you for helping us #ShareOurCraft and for helping others. 


Kurtis Cummings & Jeff Hall
Emergency Medical Technicians & Founders of Switchyard Brewing Company

Fill out the form below prior to donating so we know where to send out your voucher!

Once you've donated, upload a selfie with your donation sticker with our hashtags #SHAREOURCRAFT and #GIVEAPINT to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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