As first responders, we know that a pint of blood can save lives.Only about 3% of the U.S Population donates blood, yet every two seconds, someone needs it. Right now, there is an urgent need for all types of blood. 

Please join us between Monday, July 23 - Monday, August 6 by donating at any Red Cross donor center and receive a digital gift card for a Switchyard beer. You must be 21+ to receive the gift card, but anyone 17 and older can donate blood.
(17 with parental consent)

First:  Fill out the form below prior to donating so we can send out your voucher!

Second: Go donate!

Third: Post a selfie to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #ShareOurCraft and #PintForPints

Make sure to make the post public to help spread the word!

Find your closest blood drive or donation center by clicking here:

Thank you for helping us #ShareOurCraft and for helping others. 


Kurtis Cummings & Jeff Hall
Emergency Medical Technicians & Founders of Switchyard Brewing Company

Fill out the form below prior to donating so we know where to send out your voucher!

Once you've donated, upload a selfie with your donation sticker with our hashtags #SHAREOURCRAFT and #GIVEAPINT to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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