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Switchyard Run/Walk Club

Our Run Club meets every Monday at 6:00 PM at our downtown taproom. The Run Club is free to join! 

Choose a 1.5, 3 or 5-mile family-friendly course to run or walk and earn points towards run club milestone rewards!

We formed our run club as part of our brewery’s dedication to our community. Our sixth Guiding Principle of how we run Switchyard states, “Be an active part of our community.” We believe that business can, and should be a catalyst for positive change within our community. We believe that a business has an obligation to give back to the community of which it is a part. Our run club is an extension of exactly that.

Our routes can be found on our Run Club Facebook page, on our RunGo Group or you can pick up a printout of our turn by turn directions for simple navigation at check-in.

As always, be courteous to our neighbors while running by making sure to look both ways before darting into traffic, running off to the side and letting cars pass, and be sure to give our neighbors a wave as you run by! 👋🏼

We all run the first mile together. 

Be sure to arrive at the brewery a little early each run to sign in. We will track your runs for you, and for each run milestone you hit (25, 50, 75, 100) you’ll receive a cool gift!

A very special thank you to the Bloomington Area Runners Association for their enthusiasm and for testing & facilitating the routes!