Location, Location, Location

bottle compas.png

It's funny, as we look back on our journey in opening Switchyard Brewing Company, we have found ourselves answering the same two questions……over and over.

1) What’s your name? and 2) Where will you be located? 

At first, it was frustrating when friends and fans of our beer would ask, "So what's your brewery name?" After months of brainstorming and countless searches through the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) database for available names, we finally discovered that Switchyard was seemingly not taken.

It was clear, concise, local, catchy, and not trademarked by anyone else!  We registered our website www.switchyardbrewing.com, registered our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, and submitted trademark and servicemark applications for our name and logo. It’s about a 6 month process before we get a final answer. Just one more thing we’ve found can take a long, long, long time.

Naturally, the next question was always regarding our location. Initially, we had plans in motion to locate alongside the B-Line trail in a beautiful (in the eye of the beer holder), abandoned, building on a brownfield site.  We felt it would be great to help out our community to bring life back to a blighted and forgotten building that was an eyesore on the trail. A site plan was developed, architects were brought in to bounce around ideas, and the cleanup of the site was progressing each day.  Unfortunately, there was a pretty major snag with this whole scenario. There were actually a couple of snags, but one was a complete non-starter.

In 1933, a post-prohibition law was written to keep "children and church-going people away from the evils of alcohol". This law,  IC 7.1-3-21-11 does not allow an establishment to open within 200 feet of a church or school. The beautiful brick, historic building we convinced ourselves would be the perfect home of Switchyard was too close to an existing church.

So, as we continue our search for another site for Switchyard, we are keeping in the forefront of our minds the principles that matter to us most; community, family (including the furry ones), and customer experience. We have looked into numerous spaces around Bloomington, but nothing has felt like the perfect fit. 

 Until now!

In the coming week, we will again be collaborating with architects to work on designs for a brewpub that Bloomington will be proud of and will hold true to our principles of community, family and our customer experience. We hope to attract a large audience, giving residents and tourists of Bloomington a place to come relax, meet with friends, and enjoy great conversation.

We will continue to blog through our journey in opening Bloomington's next brewpub. Check back for updates in the coming weeks, and until you can drink one with us, enjoy a pint from and support one of our local Bloomington breweries.