WFIU News - Switchyard Brewing Company Says It Will Build Near B-Line

By: Jordin Perkins | Sept. 28, 2015 WFIU News

Switchyard Brewing Co. is the latest new business planning to build on the south side of Bloomington near the B-Line Trail.

And one of the new brewery’s owners, Kurtis Cummings, says his won’t be the last.

“We really think that the south side has this wonderful, new resurgence of industry and community,” Cummings says. “And the neighborhoods have such a new energy to them that we knew right away that the south side of Bloomington was where we wanted to be.”

Building is also a priority for the City of Bloomington, which is currently developing the new Switchyard Park near the B-Line Trail.

Director of Parks and Recreation Mick Reneissen says he thinks the large amount of daily traffic is what’s drawing development to the area.

“Business owners are savvy to see that a lot of eyes walk by, run by, jog by, ride bikes by their businesses along the 3.1-mile corridor, so I can’t say that we could be any more pleased than we have been with what’s happening,” he says.

Switchyard Brewing hopes to open next year, around the same time the city will start construction on Switchyard Park.

The brewery says it will officially announce its final location on Oct. 20.