Upcoming Switchyard Tasting Events & Updates

A little under a month ago we posted our last blog entry... it's amazing to look back and see all that has happened since then! 

A few days ago, we crossed the milestone of 1,500 "Likes" to our Facebook page, and 1,300 followers on Twitter. Along that same direction, we were amazed by the collaboration we entered into with seniors from the IU School of Informatics, who selected our start-up business to build a custom iOS & Android App and a new website for their capstone final. 

We also worked with our graphic designer, Elyse Myers to design an amazing festival booth & jockey box so we can, for the first time publicly, pour our beer during Bloomington Craft Beer Week at one of our favorite new spots in Bloomington, C3 Bar

From brewing pilot batch after pilot batch under Indiana's common sense home-brewing statute (For some dry reading, click here) to designing a festival booth, to meeting with an architect to put our brewery concept to paper, we have been quite busy!

Since Switchyard is not quite a fully licensed brewery with a physical address we are fortunate to live in a state that embraced home-brewing years ago. The state statute cited above allows home-brewers to serve their beer at any establishment that holds a one, two, or three way liquor license, or a one day festival permit for "taste & sensory evaluation purposes". After confirming with the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission, we began returning phone calls and e-Mails requesting us as Bloomington's next family friendly brewpub to pour at several events & festivals.

We can't wait to share all that we have been working on with you. As I type this, we have a spicy, hop forward Rye IPA that is conditioning in keg, a Session White IPA that is dry hopping with citrus predominant hops, a Coffee Stout that was roasted with Michigan cherry pits finishing primary fermentation, and an amazing 6% ABV Oatmeal IPA that is three days into primary fermentation. 

Come meet us and taste what we've been working on at one of the following upcoming events:

Bloomington Craft Beer Week: 
April 7, 2015 
C3 Bar
1505 S Piazza Dr, Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 287-8027

Indy Brew Fest: 
April 25, 2015 
Victory Field
501 Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225
(317) 269-3545

IU Health EMT Jeff Strong Cancer Benefit: 
May 2, 2015
Hidden Hills Golf Course
6599 S. Hidden Hills Drive, Springville, IN 47462
(812) 863-2500

GnawBrew Beer, Art, and Music Festival: 
July 25, 2015
eXplore Brown County 
2620 Valley Branch Rd. Nashville, IN 47448 
(812) 988-7750