Website Launched!

We checked another "to do" item off our long list this morning by launching

We are looking forward to sharing our story as we open Bloomington's next brewpub through this blog.  

The last year and a half, we have been visiting breweries and brewpubs across the country. We tell our wives this is "market research", they still don't believe us. We have spent hours chatting with owners, brewmasters, and employees about what they love and what they wish could be changed in their individual breweries. We have taken thousands of pictures of shiny stainless steel fermentation tanks, menus, food, glassware, bars, landscaping, and the occasional selfie. 

We have pulled all-nighters working on financials, the business plan, and architectural drawings. We have brewed numerous trial batches along the way and even dumped a few gallons that just didn't meet our quality standards. We have sat through meeting after meeting with supporters, investors, lawyers, and trusted friendly advisers and even a couple who said we couldn't do it. 

But here we are.

A year and a half later and we are so much closer than before. If you see us around town sporting our Switchyard shirts, come up and say hi. We love to talk beer, food, music, local sports and just about anything else that might be on your mind.  

We can't wait to share our story, our experience, and our craft with you soon.


Kurtis Cummings & Michael Korus
Switchyard Brewing Company